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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Location, Location, Location!

Location, Location, Location! It does not matter whether you are talking about real estate, business, or fishing because location is important in every aspect of life. Realtor’s profit, business thrives, and fishermen’s dreams come true being in the right place at the right time. One common mistake fishermen make is not being prepared or understanding how to locate bass quickly and efficiently. Bass are a difficult species to understand, but if you want to fish like the pros, then I suggest you start studying the movement of forage or baitfish. More... It’s highly important to educate yourself on where the bait is at all times of the year. If you can think like the bait and understand where the forage would be, then you had better hold on because poppa bass is not far behind. Read books, magazine articles, watch DVDs, search the internet or anything else, which you can learn about baitfish or forage and how it moves to other parts of the lake during different conditions. Baitfish move around depending upon different weather conditions, seasons, and phases of the moon. A great fisherman understands all these aspects of fishing and knows where the bait will most likely be under these different conditions. Another thing I suggest is to practice like you compete, if you are a competitive fisherman. Keep a journal. Mark your honey holes with GPS, and remember the time of day you caught your keepers along with where they were positioned when you caught them. This will help you establish a pattern to try in other parts of the lake, as you move from spot to spot. I can’t stress enough the importance of location and how this can make or break your fishing adventures. Also, let’s not forget how important your electronics play in the success of locating bass. All professional fishermen know their electronic fish finders like the back of their hand. If you master the art of using electronics and how the weather, moon, and seasons effect the movement of baitfish, then I bet this fishing season you will be surprised how many limits you will catch.



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