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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crankfly Custom Tackle

A few years ago three best friends decided to start a fly tying business. The three friends all loved to fish and were looking for a hobby to do in the winter that may create a little extra income on the side, and maybe even help pay for their desire and need to buy every popular good lookin' fishin' lure in sight. More... You see it was just three friends getting together to have fun, talk some smack and drink a few adult frosty beverages. We all became very good at tying those special flies and I somehow got us in every "mom and pop" local fishin' hole in the surrounding Knoxville area. Heck we were even over in the mountains of TN in a small tackle shop on the way to Watauga Lake. At this point I can tell you are probably wondering what these special flies look like and what they are used for. We'll let me tell you. See these flies were tied on a vise. We used only the best chicken feathers and flash you could find and the hooks were Mustad, which always seemed to get the job done breakin' every fish's jaw that latched on. These Crankfly dressed trebles were placed on crankbaits, spoons, jerkbaits, and top water lures. We still have a few boxes ready to go to the next customer and we may even crank up the business again, if we can ever work it into our demanding schedules. However, if we do not break out the fly business again, there will be some other venture we create or do in our spare time to gain the interest of a lunker trophy "biggie" or "smallie" in Fort Loudon. You see it was never about the money and never will be, just good times with my brothers that I will cherish forever.