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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cake Pans Are Great For Storing Plastic Lures

Last fishing season I was looking for a better option to easily sort and get to my favorite plastic lures quickly and stumbled upon a great option while strolling through Wally World. At the time, I was using the more expensive plastic bag lure holders, which held a lot of plastics but did not give me the ease and quick access to reach the lures fast. More... When you are in a tournament, you need to know where everything is and be able to get to those lures fast because every minute burned searching decreases your chance of landing the lunker or kicker fish that may help you win that tournament. At Wally World I was walking through the tupperware section and stumbled upon the best idea I've had for fishing in a few years. I found a large clear Cake Pan container for about five dollars. I studied the Cake Pan's size and realized I could line up my favorite plastic lures and sort them by preference to easily retrieve when needed. All you have to do is open the lid and all your lures are ready to retrieve quickly. A Cake Pan container will hold on average about 60 bags of plastic lures. I prefer two rows of plastic lures side by side. On average about 30 bags will fit on one side and 30 on the other, so you can see how easy this would be to find what you need fast. Try it out and you will put your other expensive plastic bag holders to the side. A Cake Pan will also fit easily in most of your boat compartments. It's the way to go when you need to get to your plastic lures fast! You never know what those extra casted lines will produce!