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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fort Loudon Catfishing

Ok, it's been awhile since I've posted, so here's a recap of what's been happening for me the last month and a half.
First, tournament season for me is over, so I've shifted my focus to bank fishing for trophy channel, blue, and flathead catfish. Over the last two weeks, I have caught several fish over 25 inches from both Sinking Creek and Turkey Creek.  The biggest so far was yesterday in Turkey Creek, which was a 32 inch flathead.
I've been using threadfin shad that I net from the area I'm fishing. As for tackle, I'm using a Ugly Stick Catfish series rod, a Shakespeare saltwater reel, Berkley Big Game 17 lb test line, and Team Catfish sinker sliders and 3/0 circle hooks.
Second, I've been trying to find more time to make and modify lures. I'm still dabbling with airbrushing and lead pouring and really want to get into plastic pouring.  However, I am running out of room in my garage.  So, I'm thinking of getting one of the two story type storage buildings like you see at Home Depot.  Then, I'll be able to move all my hobbies out of the garage and also have some extra storage.
Lastly, the time has changed and I haven't been getting out the boat very often.  It's just not worth the effort by the time I get off work, come home and load up just to fish for a couple of hours. Then, come home and unload everything. 
So, until next spring, there will not be many fishing reports posted on this site.  I will shift to product reviews and other fishing talk.  There may be some tackle making tricks or results posted, too.  I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving!