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Monday, March 2, 2009

Goodbye, Old Friend.

Well, today was kind of tough for me. I finally broke down and sold my 1995 Toyota 4-Runner SR5. I owned the vehicle for 7 years and it was responsible for many firsts in my life. Here is a list:

First 4X4
First vehicle that wasn't a 4 cylinder
First SUV/Truck
First vehicle purchased while married
Towed my first boat
and towed my second boat when I won my first tournament.

So, the vehicle had some sentimental value to me. I will admit it was hard to watch the new owners drive it out of sight, but I did not cry, for I was holding a wad of cash! I hope the old 4-Runner is taken care of and gives its new owners as much enjoyment as it did me.

As for myself, I am in the market for a used 4 door or extended cab V8 pickup. I want something I can tow with and haul away trees, brush, trash, and other things I couldn't before.

I will leave you with this.....Guys, when you sell that car or truck that has great memories with it, don't feel like a wimp if you get a bit sentimental or choked up. It happens to all of us.

Here are some pictures of the 4-Runner. Goodbye, old friend.


Capt. Dick said...

I know exactly what you mean. I had a 1972 Plymouth Baracuda that I wish I'd never let go. It was gold with a black racing stripe down the side; black vinyl top; gold interior; 318 V-8 automatic. I even drag-raced her at Indianapolis Raceway Park and won several trophies and money. I had her for 10 years and never had her overhauled, not even once. They just don't make 'em like that anymore!

Joyce Loupe
(Capt Dick's wife)

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Hey Jon,

It's good to see that there are some sensitive guys out there in this world. I know the feeling, you speak of. My first 4x4 was a 95 chevy blazer and when I sold it I almost cried when they guy drove it away. I did get choked up and teary eyed and I missed her really bad for the first week or so. Then I went and bought me a 2005 blazer fully loaded and I was no longer heart broken. Good article my friend!

Jon Dice said...

Thanks, Kenny. I'm sure when I get another vehicle I'll be fine. And Joyce, it's funny you mentioned a Baracuda. My father-in-law is thinking of selling his 63 Baracuda and is having second thoughts. He alos has an original 65 that he bought brand new and will NEVER sell. I've got a feeling it will be my wife's one day. Take care folks!