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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Fishing Place - Knoxville, TN

I'd like to take a moment to fill everyone in on The Fishing Place, which is an established tackle shop under new ownership.  The new owner's name is L.B. and the store is located in Black Oak Plaza in the Halls/Powell area of Knoxville.  It used to be farther down the road a little as you head toward Maynardville, but moved to it's new location several months ago.

I have been in the store a few times now and have been quite impressed with the progress from visit to visit.  They have a great selection of plastics, homemade jigs and skirts, hooks, crankbaits, and other popular lures.  Just to name a few brands, they have Zoom, Reaction Innovations, Yum, Berkley, Norman, Bandit, Strike King, Heddon, Luhr Jensen Hot Lips, Lucky Craft, Gamakatsu, and many more.  L.B. is getting new stock as he gets rid of the old.  They also have some good deals on rods, such as Castaway, Shimano, and J. Miles Customs and have new and used reels.  He also sells crickets for you live bait guys.

L.B. has always been a standup guy from my experiences in dealing with him.  He is always quick to share any information he has on the local lakes and what the fish are biting.  He has been an avid fisherman for many years, giving you the advantage of having someone that can help you select your tackle.  There are always a few people just hanging around the shop which is proof of the growing popularity of the store.

Let's patronize and support this local tackle shop!  It's one of the few we have left in Knoxville.  Personally, I would much rather shop at these independent tackle shops than the big box stores, such as Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops, and WalMart.  Actually, WalMart is altogether banned from my house, but that's another story!  The Fishing Place can offer you help and information with your tackle and general fishing questions whereas the big stores usually have someone working that has very limited knowledge of fishing.

Go visit The Fishing Place! If L.B. doesn't have what you're looking for, I'd bet he will do his best to get it for you!

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