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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Knowing Baitfish Movement Increases Your Bass Hook-Up Percentage

Most average amateur fishermen are not book worms on studying the habit of baitfish movement, including myself. However, this year I plan to do more research and learn about the forage my next lunker bass is feeding on. I began my research at and it offers detailed articles about Bass Biology, Bass Habitats, Finding Bass and many more. Baitfish frequently move or interact under different conditions, such as the weather, water temperature, phases of the moon, season change, light variation, and lowering of lake water. One tip from this site that stands out to me the most is from the Bass Biology article on schooling fish. This section recommends placing every bass that you catch in the livewell instead of back into the lake due to spooking the other bass in the area and decreasing the amount of fish you catch in one spot. This is a very interesting thought that never crossed my mind until I read this article. You can always cull out or separate your livewell with a divider to keep the keepers in one section and the dinks in the other until you reach a good spot for release and have caught all the fish from the area you are fishing. I’m definitely going to test this theory out next time I go fishing. Please check out for more helpful tips on the basics of Bass Biology.


Will said...

Nice site . Got it in my favorites so I can come back later.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Jon, you are right on with this article! Keep all the fish until you clear the hole is a good idea, but the game warden may not like it too well if you know what I mean. I heard a guy telling about a similar happening in his fishing last year! He was releasing the little dinks and the warden gave him a warning. So I guess it depends on the laws and the state you are in. Good article!